Drawing, identity and cultural heritage

Munich – For todays episode I talked to the munich based artist Silvia Gardini about drawing, searching for your own identity and digging deeper into your cultural heritage.
There is also a part two up, in which Silvia and I talked about a case that has made big waves in the culteral world of the Netherlands. It is a very important topic, but has a trigger warning to, which is why it is in a seperate episode. 

The artist on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/silvia_gardini_/

Reacting to the contemporary and the political

Vienna – For todays episode I talked to the Vienna based artist Darja Shatalova about mathematics and art, drawing and performance and reacting to the contemporary and the political. Have fun with the episode and check out her work!

The artist on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/darja.shatalova/
The artists website: http://www.darjashatalova.com/

Darja Shatalova is a transdisciplinary artist, born in Russia and based in Vienna. In her works she examines and analyses personal and social mechanisms, using a graphical, coded language of colours and symbols. The creation of systems strives to discover order and harmony in the abundance of occurrences.

Typography, performance, music and drawing

René Haustein is a true multimedia artist. He works with typography, performance, music, drawing and more, these four are just the topics we talked about in this episode.

The artist on Instagram: @howshtine
The artists Website: www.renehaustein.com

An expedition to Antarctica and art

Munich – Judith Neunhäuserer is featured on our Instagram page and on the podcast. She is a multimedia and installation artist. I visited her in her studio in october 2020 and among other topics we talked about her expedition to Antarctica and how it is connected to her art. Listen to our talk about her relationship towards science, art and religion in this episode!

The artist on Instagram: @judith.neun
The artists website: http://www.judithneunhaeuserer.info/