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RE:MAGAZINE is 100% independent, community and connection centered, we share the stories and work of artists all over the world. We share these stories on multiple platforms.

RE:MAGAZINE grew out of the Instagram and Podcast project ARTISTSCURRENT, which started in Feburary of 2020.

RE:MAGAZINE’s mission is to feature artists of all backgrounds all across the world and share their unique stories on our platforms – in our newsletter, on our website and via our social media channels. 

How it Works:

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How can I be published in RE:MAGAZINE?

Right now – for legal reasons – all published pieces are texts written by our founder, but that doesn’t mean you or your topic cannot be published!

Send us your application for a studio visit with you or the topic you would like to talk about and we will get in touch if we are interested and want to publish it.

If you would like to submit a topic or your art please do so via this form.


As of right now RE:MAGAZINE is run by only one person, but as the magazine grows – and legal things are being figured out – more people will be added to the team.

Tabitha Nagy is a conceptual artist and culture journalist based in Munich, Germany and the founder of RE:MAGAZINE.

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