Podcast episode with the DIVA collective

The body of the DIVA: A multilingual introduction

An introduction to the operacollective DIVA. The episode is a mix between audioperformance, podcast and audio clips from their opera-performances.

Munich – This is the first episode with the DIVA collective: the artists Samuel Fischer-Glaser, Nikolai Gümbel, Sophie Schmidt and Angela Stiegler. Angela was recommended to the ARTISTSCURRENT project and invited the DIVA collective, which she is a part of, to join in for the podcast. That is the reason why this episode is a little different. I would describe it as a multilingual audio experience: part performance, part podcast, part opera audio clips. This episodes languages are german, english, italian and french, but you dont need to know all of them to listen to it. Just lean back, go for a walk, or paint and let this episode surprise you!