The premise of the project ARTISTSCURRENT is simple: Each featured artist recommends three artists for the Instagram page and the podcast. The project is one year old now and finished it’s first season.

Munich – The first Season of ARTISTSCURRENT is over. We had a total of 30 artists on the Instagrampage (@artistscurrent) and 12 on the podcast, which launched in september. It’s hard to believe a year went by already since we started this project and how far it has come with the simple premise of community and connection – artists recommending artists. Meanwhile season two already started and a lot of great artists are yet to be featured.

I want to thank all of the artists of season one, who trusted me with presenting their work and faced my sometimes difficult questions: Julia Walk, Inkyu Park, Sophie Lindner, Sandra Bejarano, The BERG, Sophie Kuhn, TORRES, Milena Wojhan, Anneke Marie Huhn, Jakob Gilg, Tatjana Vall, Mariya Vasilyeva, Alina Birkner, Jana Kerima Stolzer and Lex Rütten, PEACEDAMAGE, Lilian Robl, Maria Belova, Veronika Dräxler, René Haustein, Judith Neunhäuserer, Justin Urbach, Maxine Weiss, Darja Shatalova, Joana Loewis, Silvia Gardini, Paul Valentin, Nicola Gördes und Stella Rossié, Ralf Hannes.

All episodes of season one of the ARTISTSCURRENT podcast:

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